Five Of The Best Restaurant in Florence

Are you planning of visiting Florence and want to have a wonderful time whilst there? Or are you already in town and are looking for a place to eat? I have shortlisted for you five of the best restaurants in Florence, from the most exclusive to the best ‘cheap-eats’; here they are:

Ora D’Aria – for luxury eating:
Ora D’Aria is an exclusive restaurant located very close to Piazza della Signoria – internationally renowned as one of the best restaurant in Florence. Eating here, you can enjoy gourmet Italian dishes, from spaghetti to guinea fowl, accompanied by the best wines, mainly from Tuscany but also from the rest of Italy and from France. The menu is a little pricey, with mains ranging from €20 to €30; however, this may be a price worth paying for enjoying Michelin-star eating in beautiful Florence.
Address: Via dei Georgofili 11r, Florence
Telephone: +39 055 200 16 99

Casa del Vino – for the wine lovers:
Casa del Vino is truly the place to go for those who enjoy wine. It offers one of the best wine selections in Florence; here, you’ll be able to enjoy a great variety of wines; from vintage Tuscan ones, to the sweet and sparkling. Also on offer are delicious sandwiches (pictured), focacce, salads and crostini to accompany your drinks. Casa del Vino has good prices and is definitely one of the best restaurants in Florence, perfect for a break during your sightseeing day even though tends to be pretty packed with wine lovers.
Address: Via dell’Ariento 16 rosso, Florence.
Telephone: + 39 055 21 56 09.

Alla Vecchia Bettola:
One of the best restaurants in Florence chosen by the locals. If you want to enjoy traditional eating, Alla Vecchia Bettola is the place to go. An old Florentine restaurant, serving exclusively Tuscan foods; this is a great favorite of both locals and tourists. It is normally really packed with diners, so I advise you book a table before making your way there.
Address: Via Luigi Ariosto 34r, Florence
Telephone: +39 055 22 41 58

Cibrèo – for eating fish:
Cibrèo is renowned as one of the best restaurants in Florence to eat fish. Its menu changes with the seasons, but there are new dishes daily and weekly, according to the selection of fish offered by local fishermen. Founded in 1978, Cibrèo has been sourcing only the best ingredients, rapidly becoming one of the best places to eat in the magical Tuscan town. If you prefer a more informal dining experience, you can also try Cibrèo Trattoria or, for a coffee, Caffè Cibrèo.
Address: Via del Verrocchio 8r, Florence
Telephone: +39 055 234 11 00

Carabé – for the best ice-cream in Florence:
Well, you may argue Carabé could not be defined as an actual restaurant; however, in the Summer heat an ice-cream from the best parlour in Florence may turn out to be a great lunch substitute. Carabé il located just few steps away from Michelangelo’s David and offers, apart from a great selection of ice-creams, also granita and various other delicious desserts. If you have a sweet tooth, it is really worth trying.
Address: Via Ricasoli 60 rosso, Florence.
Telephone: +39 055 28 94 76.

Today I have presented you 5 of the best restaurants in Florence; if you have the chance to visit them next time you are there remember to let me know if you enjoyed the food. Or have you already been to Tuscany? Did you eat at any of these restaurants? Share your experience leaving a comment below.

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