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Tivoli the best Villas in The Roman Countryside

An ancient and quaint little town in Lazio, about 30 kilometres from Rome, Tivoli clearly has a charm of its own which in many ways is completely unparalleled. Thanks to its historical nature, as a visitor on your private excursion to Tivoli you will certainly find plenty that catches your eye. At the same time, it is the villas in Tivoli which will perhaps draw your attention the most, thanks to their resplendence, uniqueness and sheer beauty which most visitors find completely riveting. With that thought in mind let us look at some of the enchanting villas in Tivoli which MUST be on your “must visit” list, while in Tivoli.

Villa Gregoriana:
Commissioned by none other than Pope Gregory XVI himself, this is a sprawling park (yes, park, more than merely a villa) with beautiful paths that lead on to the Sirens as well as the caves of Neptune. In particular, on your private excursion to Tivoli do not miss The Grand Waterfall which is a major landmark of this villa.

Villa d’Este:
If you want to look at one of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture not only in Lazio but indeed the whole of Italy, look no further than Villa d’Este, especially with its sprawling Italian Renaissance Garden. On your private excursion to Tivoli you will enjoy the view of Villa d’Este very much, thanks to its expansive structure, coupled with the numerous attractions which come amidst the garden, be it The Rometta Fountain or The Fontana dell’Ovato (Oval Fountain). The frescos on the ceilings of the villa are a visual treat in themselves as well.

Villa Adriana:
Villa Adriana is also referred to as Hadrian’s Villa, since it was especially built to serve as a retreat for Roman Emperor Hadrian from the hustle and bustle as well as the roles and responsibilities which came with managing Rome. This is a villa where over the course of your private excursion to Tivoli you will find that there are as many as 30 different buildings over a large and expansive area of at least 1 square kilometer.
An aspect about Villa Adriana which catches the eye of most visitors on their private excursion to Tivoli is the extent to which numerous architectural styles have been combined together, especially Egyptian and Greek, which was particularly a result of Hadrian’s travel to these parts. These are 3 villas we have listed here; of course watch out for more villas in Tivoli when you are there!

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Ancient Ostia Tour

Duration: 3-6 hrs.
Location: Walk through the decumanus maximus; Excavations with roads, temples, mosaics, warehouses and ruins.

When you are in Rome for a vacation and you wish to experience the beauty of the Roman countryside, a Private Excursion of Ancient Ostia is a MUST DO! This tour will take you through 2 millenniums of uncontaminated history. The ancient promenade across what was once called The Little Pompeii is a continuous discovery of Roman houses, offices and entertainment buildings. You will, in fact, walk through the decumanus maximus which constitutes the continuation of the ancient Via Ostiense connecting from Porta Romana to Porta Pia. Ruins still show the grandeur of the Empire, being a major military, naval and commercial center after Emperors constructed an artificial seaports. The main attractions in Ancient Ostia are the excavations where you can see roads, temples, mosaics, warehouses and ruins of an ancient roman city, and still the magnificent castle of Pope Julius II and the little medieval hamlet built around it.You will also discover the Augustus Theatre with the Corporazioni Square sitting behind it. This is a large square once dedicated to Cerere a goddess of abundance and prosperity. You will discover these and many other world renown beauties with All Around Italy. Don’t hesitate, contact us now to get a personalized quote based on all the features you wish to add to this tour.


Rome By Night

Duration: 2 hrs.
Location: Janiculum Hill, Acqua Paola Fountain, Trevi Fountain
Venezia Square, Mussolini balcony, Vittoriano Monument, the Imperial and Roman Forum, the Colosseum, St. Peter Basilica and square…

Undoubtedly, when it comes to nightlife in Europe as a whole, one of the first places which comes to mind is Rome, with its vibrant and colorful nightlife, pretty much right around the year. This is an aspect which you will notice yourself on your guided tour of Rome thanks to the relatively moderate weather which the city gets to enjoy throughout the year. With us at All Around Italy, you will get to celebrate nightlife in Rome at perhaps its finest, with our night time private tours of Rome including sightseeing of the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Roman Forum, the Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Castel Sant Angelo, St. Peter Basilica and the “keyhole”, the Gianicolo, Piazza Venezia, as well as Via Veneto. In fact on your private tour in Rome with us you will be in total control of the kind of nightlife that you would like to see and experience. After all, on any Rome private tour from All Around Italy, you will see that we essentially serve as a guiding light, without necessarily resorting to hand holding and pushing you onto predestined sites. Keeping that spirit in mind, once you are on any of the private tours in Rome Italy with us, we would like you to savor Campo de’ Fiori one of Rome’s most picturesque piazzas with a plethora of pubs and bars dotting the entire façade. Then as we continue with our Rome tour you can head towards any of the numerous lanes in the vicinity of the church of Santa Maria Della Pace where you will find bars and cafes which are more upscale and offer a variety of options for food and drink. While on a tour of Rome the area on the left bank of the Tiber River – Trastevere certainly cannot be sidelined, especially since you will find a deluge of entertainment options. Here we would recommend that you head straight towards Ombre Rosse where you can enjoy an authentic Roman experience out in the open, with ample food and drink options and live music. Likewise while on a tour to Rome we would also recommend that you head in the direction of Monte Testaccio which in many ways is becoming the center of vibrant nightlife across Rome, with a variety of bars and clubs such as Goth-tinged Akab, Coyote as well as the gay club L’ Alibi.
Ultimately, no matter what sort of a preference you might have for nightlife specific private tours Rome make sure to fill up the form for a customized FREE QUOTE!

This tour start from the lobby of your Hotel. Tour is operated with a comfortable minivan equipped for minimum 2 people max to 8, minivan is driven by a fluent English speaking driving guide.
Also with my vehicles you are driven without restriction for ZTL (Zone Traffic Limited), thus you are driven beside every sites of interest to see, no long walking.
The breathtaking atmosphere of the capital during the night, now far away from the traffic during the day and illuminated by the warmth of the reddish lights that make it stand out details and profiles, is an unforgettable opportunity and a fantastic experience. Seated in the van, you can admire the most important monuments of the “Eternal Lady” dressed up for the night party.
During the tour your driving guide explain the monuments lighted up with warm light, he will bring to live historical events, telling you funny or tragic stories and anecdotes related the venues you see. This tour includes a drive to sites like Janiculum Hill with its breathtaking view of the city and its Baroque monumental fountain Paolina, in town you can stop to see the most famous Trevi fountain. Your night tour continue to Piazza Venezia the center of the modern city where you can admire the famous Mussolini balcony, The Vittoriano monument, a drive by the Via dei Fori Imperiali you can see the Imperial and Roman Forum, the background of via dei fori is the mighty Colosseo. Driving around the Colosseo you see the palatine hill, where the city of Rome was founded, few steps and you reach the famous Circus Maximus and the Tiber with its Tiberina island, few minutes of driving and you reach The Vatican where you can admire the largest Basilica in the world and S. Peter square to end the tour. The night tour includes some hilites you certainly saw during the day, definitively you see a different Roma at night, you bet! Night tour is of about 2 hour from pick up to drop off at your Hotel.

The price of transfer, day/night tour or shore excursion includes the cost of the private vehicle, driver, gas, road tolls, parking fees and taxes. It does not includes entrance fees to sites, private guides for museums or archaeological sites or walking tours, the cost of lunch, gratuity for your driver and for the guide. The tour sequence may be changed due to clients need, local problem or traffic problem, but always covering the sights mentioned with tour description and time frame. Please understand we receive several request and the tour is sold to the first customer that buy it (after filled up properly the reservation form). The request via email does not entitle priority for booking.


The Vatican Walking Tour

Duration: 3 hrs Location: Gardens of Vatican City, Belvedere Courtyard Sistine Chapel, St. Peter Square

The tour start from the lobby of your Hotel in Rome. The Vatican tour is arranged to see several section of the Museum like Pinacoteca, a view to the Giardini Vaticani, Pinecone Courtyard, The Braccio Nuovo with its incredible collection of ancient Roman statues, sarcophagus and busts, Belvedere courtyard to see other fantastic artifacts from Greek and Roman time, Room of the Apoxyomenos, Section of the Muses, The Round room, Emperor Constantine room, the galleries of Candelabra, Tapestry and Maps and other section of interest. Tour of the Museum continue to see the Sistine Chapel, where assisted by my private guide you can use a dedicated door connecting the Basilica, where you can admire another large Museum of ancient and modern artifacts. Tour ends in St. Peter Square. This tour includes pick up at your Hotel with one of my vehicle a drive to Vatican Museum entrance to meet my private guide. Visit is of about 3 hour, return to the Hotel on your own. Cost is according to people on tour. To avoid lines at Vatican I will provide necessary information. Admission tickets for Vatican are not included. Pick up at the Hotel is 30 minutes prior the entrance time you get from Vatican office. NOTE: For your information Vatican new procedure requires to hire the headsets mandatory for group over 6 people, for that my guide assists the group to get the headsets at the entrance of Museum, cost of the headset is 3 Euro per person not included with cost of tickets and guide.


Tivoli Tour

Duration: 3-6 hrs.
Location: Hadrian’s Villa, Villa d’ Este, Villa Gregoriana.

The Private Excursion to Tivoli is one of the most classical Excursions in the so called Roman countryside. The excursion will take you through Villa Adriana, Villa d’ Este and Villa Gregoriana. Villa Adriana was built under the project of the Emperor Adrian. We will tour important ruins of the Roman Golden age like baths, libraries, maritime theaters and museums.
The tour continues to Villa d’ Este. After a 10 minutes drive we reach the town of Tivoli where you can admire another beautiful medieval castle built by the Popes. Villa d’ Este is an example of Renaissance buildings and gardens. Built by Cardinal Ippolito, the Villa has apartments, rooms, and several gardens. The gardens, among the greatest in the country, have a grandiose green impact that will delight your eyes. Water and fountains are incredibly organized to show the ability of master architects of the time. At a certain time of the day the Fountain of the Owl and the Fountain of the Organ will attract you with sounds of flute, ocarina and organ play like a concert.
Learn more on how to schedule a customized tour.

Castel Gadolfo Tour

Duration: 3-6 hrs
Location: Apostolic Palace, Villa Santa Caterina, Villa Cybo
Barberini Palace.
A tour of Rome simply cannot be complete without a trip to the famed Lazio commune of Castel Gandolfo, overlooking Lake Albano.
Renowned for being the summer residence of the Pope, this private tour of Rome with All Around Italy would not only include visits to Apostolic Palace of Castel Gandolfo, the formal summer residence of the Pope, it would also include visits to Pontifical Villas in the vicinity such as Cybo Villa, Villa Barberini as well as Villa Santa Caterina. Moreover, while on a tour to Rome with us, we would be delighted to take you to Frascati, home to well-known Frascati Superiore wine. Here a wine tasting session can be specially organized for you. On this guided tour of Rome you will also be able to revel in some truly enigmatic sights such as that of the Collegiate Church of St. Thomas of Villanova as well as the remains of the Villa of Domitian.

Additionally, on your private tour in Rome you will especially cherish a visit to the Aldobrandini Family Villa and the park adjoining it where you can admire the beautiful stucco and fresco works ensconced within.
While on this private tour in Rome with us, we would also definitely recommend a trip to the historical restaurant “Pagnanelli” which has in fact been operational for more than a century since 1882. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of delectable local cuisines, over a breathtaking view of the adjoining Lake Albano. Besides, if you are planning a Rome tour in September, you can be a part of the San Sebastian festivities in Castel Gandolfo whereby you can particularly enjoy fireworks all across Lake Albano. No doubt all of these experiences can be cherished that much more when there is a personalized private Rome tour on offer which is exactly what we at All Around Italy specialize in presenting to our esteemed patrons from across the globe. Therefore, feel free to fill up the form for a customized FREE QUOTE from All Around Italy on a shore excursion to Castel Gandolfo, which we know you will reminiscence about for a very long time to come!