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Ancient Ostia Tour

Duration: 3-6 hrs.
Location: Walk through the decumanus maximus; Excavations with roads, temples, mosaics, warehouses and ruins.

When you are in Rome for a vacation and you wish to experience the beauty of the Roman countryside, a Private Excursion of Ancient Ostia is a MUST DO! This tour will take you through 2 millenniums of uncontaminated history. The ancient promenade across what was once called The Little Pompeii is a continuous discovery of Roman houses, offices and entertainment buildings. You will, in fact, walk through the decumanus maximus which constitutes the continuation of the ancient Via Ostiense connecting from Porta Romana to Porta Pia. Ruins still show the grandeur of the Empire, being a major military, naval and commercial center after Emperors constructed an artificial seaports. The main attractions in Ancient Ostia are the excavations where you can see roads, temples, mosaics, warehouses and ruins of an ancient roman city, and still the magnificent castle of Pope Julius II and the little medieval hamlet built around it.You will also discover the Augustus Theatre with the Corporazioni Square sitting behind it. This is a large square once dedicated to Cerere a goddess of abundance and prosperity. You will discover these and many other world renown beauties with All Around Italy. Don’t hesitate, contact us now to get a personalized quote based on all the features you wish to add to this tour.


Private Excursion of Ancient Ostia

Tour of Sorrento
Tour time: 7 – 9 hours
Discover: Amalfi & Naples.
Features: English Speaking Driver, Private Guided Excursion
Pick Up Locations: Civitavecchia Sea Port, Hotel, Napoli Airport, Napoli Sea Port, Rome Airports.
Tour Duration: 3 – 6hrs, 7 – 9hrs.

The Amalfi Coast in Italy has consistently been ranked as one of the most beautiful shores to visit, not just within the country or in Europe but indeed right around the world. On this especially designed Amalfi coast tour you would be able to revel in some of the most beautiful cities and towns right along the Amalfi coast which in many ways would completely captivate your senses and leave you simply gasping for more…much more!

Kick starting your Vesuvio tour would be a trip to Pompei, most well known for its primordial Roman ruins from an era long gone by. A must see sight while on your Amalfi coast Pompeii tour would also be the Shrine of Our Lady of Pompei which is particularly very popular among all Catholic pilgrims coming down to this part of the world.

Going ahead further south from Pompei as you make your Naples Sorrento transfer, you would head towards Sorrento which is a small town overlooking the Bay of Naples. Here you would not want to miss any of the prominent touristic sights which include Piazza Tasso which is the central part of Sorrento; Via San Cesareo which is the town’s most prominent shopping district; and museums such as Museo-Bottega della Tarsia Lignea and Museum Correale.

Continuing with your Pompei tours from Sorrento you will head towards Positano a truly picturesque destination on the famed Amalfi Coast. Here an unmistakable sight is the Church of Santa Maria Assunta whose legend around the Byzantine icon of a black Madonna is a tale best heard from the locals themselves – don’t miss that experience! As you can see, all of these places have a clear charm and attraction of their own which is one that you should not miss at any cost while say you make your way in the form of a transfer Naples airport to Sorrento. This is true especially in the light of the unique manner in which we conduct these Amalfi Coast tours ensuring that aspects such as food and drink are intuitively included within them at some of the most exotic and fun destinations. Therefore make sure that you fill up the form below for a FREE QUOTE on an especially designed and completely tailored private excursion of Pompei, Sorrento and Positano.

Five Things To Learn About Anciet Ostia

Ancient Ostia or Ostia Antica as it is referred to locally, offers a lot when it comes to insights into the erstwhile Rome of yore. After all, this was essentially Rome’s first colony or colonia which is why there is a lot which you as a visitor to Ostia on your Rome private tour can easily learn. Let us look at 5 such learnings.

Ancient Ostia used to be Rome port:
Yes, there are many out there – including some private tour guides in Rome who do not know this but fact is that Ostia was Rome’s port in the ancient days of yore. It is only in more recent times that as a result of silting, the place is now located 3 kilometres inland otherwise in the past it was located directly on the sea.

Ancient Ostia was Rome’s first colony:
Apart from being Rome’s port, Ancient Ostia also happened to be Rome’s first colony, as already mentioned in the beginning of this article on your private tour in Rome. This in turn means that there were very important buildings or structures located here, discovered eventually such as the Capitolium which was the temple of Minerva, Juno and Jupiter, as well as the Castrum which was the military camp.

Ancient Ostia had its own mint:
Yes, Ancient Ostia was well recognized for the mint which it had. Among prized monetary units produced here, there is the coin of Maxentius which is particularly well recognized and coveted by collectors. See if you can try and catch a glimpse of it while on your Rome tour.

Repeated invasions contributed to decline of Ancient Ostia:
While there were many factors which eventually contributed to the decline of Ancient Ostia, which included the town no longer continuing to function as a port, it is repeated invasions by pirates, especially Arab ones, which eventually proved to be the death knell for Ancient Ostia.

Ancient Ostia has always been a part of popular culture:
Across various cultural expressions, Ancient Ostia has found mention ever so often, whether being represented in reality or at least being referred to. Listings of such creative expressions would include the 2000 blockbuster Gladiator, “The Roman Mysteries” series of historical novels, the 2005 HBO/BBC historical drama series Rome, as well as the Claudius the God and I, Claudius.

So as you can see, probably even before you embarked on your tour to Rome you gained a lot of knowledge on Ancient Ostia.
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