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Five Fun Things To Do In Sorento

On your Amalfi Coast tour you will quickly figure out that Sorrento is an extremely fun place to be in. With that thought in mind, let us look at 5 fun things to do in Sorrento with complete ease.

Visit Punta del Cupo

While on any of the numerous Amalfi Coast tours it makes perfect sense that you head out to visit Punta del Cupo from where you can enjoy some really panoramic and breathtaking views of the entire Amalfi Coast, particularly Mount Vesuvius, the entire Bay of Naples and of course the town of Sorrento itself.

Go on an Amalfi Coast Pompeii tour

An Amalfi Coast Pompeii tour would be perfect from Sorrento given the fact that both are located so close to one another. In fact while in Sorrento, you can schedule one day for this trip which will allow you to visit Pompeii and see its ruins at leisure with ease.

Enjoy Live Music

Live music is something which Sorrento always excels in. Practically any part of the year you might be visiting Sorrento on your Vesuvio tour you will find that there would be live music playing around. Clearly the locals like to have their fun and in turn want that visitors do so as well! Accordingly, don’t forget to indulge yourself in the live music which plays in Sorrento pretty much all year along – you can sing and dance alongside as well, this is one of the most fun things to do in Sorrento!

Dive from the Cliffs is one of the many fun things to do in Sorrento!

The beaches around Sorrento are such that they may not be the greatest – or even the most conducive for actually lazing around but at the same time, you can easily dive from the lower cliffs into the sea for memories which will quite likely last a lifetime!

Take Gelato Ice Cream making lessons

In Sorrento, or perhaps indeed across Italy, you can never be too far away from gelato ice cream. Specific to Sorrento, not only can you relish some truly delectable flavours, but you can in fact participate in tutorials by the likes of Marco the chef at Gelateria David where instructional lessons in gelato making are imparted!

So there you go with 5 fun things to do in Sorrento after your Naples Sorrento transfer. Oh don’t forget, driving around after your transfer Naples airport to Sorrento can be just as fun too!

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