Five Of Romans Favourite Restaurant

Even before you embark on your tour to Rome you would be well aware that Rome is nothing short of a gastronomic haven, with restaurants and eateries galore which can fulfil the penchant of even the most hardened and fussy foodie. That said you sure want to know more about the restaurants in Rome which we consider among the foremost not only in terms of the quality of their food but even more so with regard to their ambiance and their overall level of service. So here goes as we list out 5 of Romans’ favourite restaurants.

La Pergola:
La Pergola in Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts has consistently emerged as one of the topmost restaurants in Rome, one which is preferred by Romans in a very big way. No doubt it comes across as very pricey but what you get is sheer lip smacking offerings in a setting which is nothing short of magical…do not miss out on this culinary heaven while on your Rome private tour under any circumstances!

Glass Hostaria:
Glass Hostaria on Vicolo del Cinque is another gem when it comes to gastronomic delights in Rome. This place is particularly known for its exotic selection of appetizers which are so good that you might want to majorly compromise on the main course instead! The Trattoria is another reason you would want to visit Glass Hostaria on your tour of Rome.

La Tavernaccia:
The reason La Tavernaccia on Via Giovanni di Castel Bolognese is loved so much is because of its family friendly environment – itself being family run, which makes it especially very popular among locals. Besides grilled meat and fish, you will enjoy seasonal vegetables at La Tavernaccia just as much!

Roma Sparita:
This is a little gem among Rome’s culinary offerings which often ends up being sidelined due to its somewhat obscure location in Trastevere which simply ends up being skipped by most private tour guides in Rome. While at Roma Sparita make sure you do not miss the sumptuous cozze alla marinara which is a delectable mussels dish with tomato, chilli pepper and garlic adding to the enigmatic flavour.

Il Tempio di Iside:
If seafood excites you to no end, then while on your Rome tour make sure you head to Il Tempio di Iside where you can enjoy a truly eclectic variety of seafood including crabs and lobsters as well as some rare gems of fish, which the owners go to great lengths to obtain. No doubt there are many eateries in Rome which Romans love to head to but this listing would surely be a great beginning for you while on your private tour Rome.

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