Seven things locals do in Florence

As you will discover over the course of your very own holiday Tuscany there are clearly a lot of things that locals indulge themselves in over here with ease. In this post, we will give you insights into the kind of activities that locals here indulge themselves in, in Florence.

Take Cooking Classes

As much as Florence is known for its historic aspects, food and cuisine are integral to this part of Tuscany and Italy. So while in Florence, make the most of cooking classes which many of the locals organize.


Locals in Florence know the value of photography, given the immense scenic views all around the city. As a visitor on your Florence Italy tour do make the most of your time by taking up photography lessons, especially if you are passionate about it and yet somewhat of a rookie.

Glass Bead Making

Glass bead making is immensely popular among Florentines. You could take some valuable tips while on your tour Toscana.

Serving as a Guide

Locals in Florence have taken to functioning as guides in a very big way. Given the flurry of tourists into the city, it is effectively no surprise at all that there are so many guides speaking a variety of tongues! As a foreigner too, with the necessary formalities in place, you can always serve as a guide for visitors who speak your language in particular!


Apperitvo is essentially akin to a happy hour which sees locals all decked up and going to their favourite bars. You can surely indulge yourself in that as well! You will never run out of choices in terms of trendy places to hang out at so do make the most of your Apperitvo outing in Florence!

Enjoy Jazz

With jazz being a daily routine at piazza Della SS Annunziata through June and September, locals treat themselves to ravishing jazz concerts during this time of the year. You as a visitor can certainly join in and have a truly “jazzy” time in the midst of your holiday Tuscany.

Mark your date with God

OK, we don’t mean it that literally but while in Florence on your Toscana tour, the sight and sound of churches is simply unmistakable. We would suggest you make the most of it and visit as many churches as you can, just as the locals do. Most entrances are free so cost will not be a factor.

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