Vatican Private Tour

No Rome tour can really be considered complete in its truest sense if it does not include a tour of the Vatican. Keeping this facet in mind at All Around Italy we have devised a variety of measures which are aimed solely at ensuring the most pleasurable and gratifying tour of Rome for you with regard to your visit to the Vatican, the only country in the world to be a UNESCO World Heritage site in itself.

First and foremost you will get an extraordinarily detailed and thoroughly guided tour of St. Peter’s Basilica while on this particular tour to Rome with us. Next, you will also be able to see the Sistine Chapel which is particularly renowned for the frescos within it, made by such distinguished individuals as Botticelli, Perugino, and of course Michelangelo.

This guided tour of Rome will continue with a visit to the Vatican Museums which are known to contain works of art and culture that are of supreme scientific and historical significance. You will also be able to visit the Vatican Library and see for yourself a wide variety of publications whose implication is completely momentous.

A lot of our patrons have often asked us about being taken around the famed Gardens of Vatican City on this particular private tour of Rome so to lay all speculation to rest, without a doubt, you will be driven around the remarkably plush and pristine gardens all around the Vatican. Moreover, depending on the time of the year at which your Rome private tour to the Vatican is planned, you will actually be able to participate in events which the Pope himself is involved in. For instance, there is weekly Mass as well as a variety of public audiences which you can be a part of. Additionally, on occasions such as Easter and Christmas, as well as when the Pope is formally elected, he gives out blessings to the entire Vatican City and indeed to the whole world. So if your private guided tour of Rome happens to take place around these times of the year or on the eve of such occasions, you can be assured of an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life. Without a doubt, All Around Italy will be there with you at every step to ensure an even more memorable time. Therefore, without much ado, go ahead and fill the form below for a FREE QUOTE on a private tour in Rome to the Vatican.