Private Excursion to Cerveteri Braciano and Ceri

Tour time: 3 – 6 hours

Your tour to Rome would quite likely be rendered incomplete if you did not visit adjoining towns that have a unique and rather exquisite charm of their own. Keeping this facet in mind at All Around Italy we have designed special private tours in Rome which take you to the adjoining towns of Cerveteri, Bracciano and Ceri in particular. No doubt all three places have unique attractions of their own which together make them an absolutely compelling visit which must not be missed at any cost.

While on this private tour of Cerveteri, you would enjoy seeing a very wide variety of Etruscan necropolises, of which the most well known is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Necropoli della Banditaccia. There is also the Castle of Cerenova as well as the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, both being very worthy visits. The Palazzo Ruspoli is no doubt an additional must see while on your guided tour of Cerveteri.

On your Rome private tour of Bracciano you would be able to see one of the town’s most prominent sights which is that of the Castello Orsini-Odescalchi castle, one of the finest instances of Renaissance military architecture that you are likely to see anywhere in Italy. Bracciano is also very well known for the volcanic lake called Lago di Bracciano located within its limits, a very popular destination with tourists.

As you will discover on this unique private tour, Ceri by itself is very well known for being the abode of numerous prominent Italian families, be it the Torlonia, the Borromeo, the Odescalchi, or the Anguillara. Further Ceri’s popularity among tourists also stems from the presence of the magnificent Church of the Madonna di Ceri, a church of the Romanesque era where the cult of the goddess Vesta was in fact very highly thought of. No doubt across all of out private tours we at All Around Italy would ensure that you are at maximum comfort and ease, with minute details of these tours carefully planned and forethought out very well. Therefore do not hesitate to fill up the form below to receive a customized FREE QUOTE on a private tour guide of these places!

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