Ravello Best Historic Sites

On your Amalfi Coast tour you will easily notice that Ravello as a town is simply stooped in history; there is so much on offer to see and experience. Accordingly, let us look at some of Ravello’s best historic sites which we feel are an absolute must visit while you are in this part of Italy.

One of Ravello’s best historic sites…the entire town itself!
Yes! Since Ravello as a whole has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we would somewhat jocularly state that the whole town is very much a site in itself to view and bask in! Of noteworthy mention here would be the historic centre of the town of Ravello; there is so much that you can see over here alone. Additionally, there are numerous eateries around these parts where you can savour fine Italian food and wine with complete glee.

Duomo or Cathedral of Ravello:
Among the numerous things to see, one of Ravello’s best historic sites that you should not miss on your private tour would be the Cathedral of Ravello, referred to locally as the Duomo. Not to be missed is the Pulpit of the Gospels contained within the cathedral.

Beautiful, Stunning Villas:
No Amalfi Coast tour can really be considered complete if you haven’t seen the villas around these parts especially the ones in Ravello. Specific to the town, the villas you must take a look at would include Villa Cimbrone known for its seemingly infinite terrace and Villa Rufolo built by none other than Nicola Rufolo.

San Giovanni del Toro church:
San Giovanni del Toro church or Church of Saint John of the Bull is a beautiful church with the Bove pulpit and mosaic fragments which together make it one of Ravello’s best historic sites.

Gardens of Ravello:
On your Vesuvio Naples tour you will find that Ravello is just as well recognized for its beautiful gardens. Among them, ones which you must definitely visit would include those inside the villas mentioned above, viz. Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo.

Palazzo Confalone:
A final attraction of Ravello which deserves a special mention would be the Palazzo Confalone or Palace Confalone; there is a lot which you can see and experience over here, so don’t miss out on this unique Italian architectural marvel in Ravello, while on your transfer Naples to Sorrento tour.

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