How to spend the perfect day in Florence

Florence can be quite an intimidating experience for first time tourists to the city, considering the absolute plethora of sights to see there as well as the swarms of tourists that come to the city. So how does one plan out a perfect day in Florence without much ado? This post will clearly offer you some great insights!

Largely our experience tells us that try and avoid packing in too much into a single day. Instead your Florence Italy tour should be worked out in such a way wherein you are able to relax, soak in the entire experience and yet at the same time, are able to see as much of all that this historical and magical city has to offer. Therefore it would make sense that you do not have a very tight schedule spread over say only a day or two and instead are adequately prepared to spend at least 4 – 5 days in the city at the minimum.

With this thought in mind, if you were to kick start your first day in Florence, it would quite aptly be something on the lines of the following…

First, head to the Galleria degli Uffizi museum on Piazzale degli Uffizi. This museum is truly unique since its fine art collection is indeed one of the best that you are ever likely to come across anywhere in the world, such as The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. Make sure that you reach this place early (opens at 8:15 in the morning, Tuesday to Sunday). If you can be there latest by 9, you can comfortably see the works of art on display at least till lunchtime. There is a restaurant or café within the museum so you can have your lunch there and then head out.

Next as part of your private tour of Florence you can visit the Gucci museum where a plethora of creations from the Gucci stable are on display. This place is open till 8 pm, so after your lunch at the café in Galleria degli Uffizi museum, you could easily be here say between 2 or 3 pm till about 5 pm or so.

In summer when the days are longer and there is a fair amount of sunshine as well as daylight, you can leave Gucci museum at 5 pm or maybe even earlier and then head to the old town where you can be privy to the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral as well as Giotto’s Tower next to it. These are captivating views in themselves and should easily take up the remaining part of your day in Florence.

To get a good head start on this awe-inspiring city, this should really be sufficient for the day, with lots of memories and vivid feelings in your mind for the next day of your Florence private tour

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