Five Reasons Why You Can Not Miss Tuscana

Tuscania is easily one of the most sought after destinations not only within Italy but indeed around the world. Visitors from all over the globe tread in, in large numbers to visit the place. So what is it that makes Tuscania so special? Well, in this article, we will offer you 5 reasons why you cannot miss Tuscania under any circumstances – and indeed what makes any and every Tuscania tour ever so special.

It contains the Church of Saint Peter:
One of the biggest draws by far of Tuscania is the Church of Saint Peter which in itself draws hundreds and thousands of visitors to the town. With its unique Lombard-Romanesque architectural style, the Church of Saint Peter leaves many visitors in complete awe of its exquisite beauty.

It has the Etruscan Museum:
Yet another reason for which you should not miss Tuscania is the fact that it has the Etruscan Museum which again is an absolute visual spectacle along the lines of the Church of Saint Peter. This museum holds sarcophagi from tombs in the vicinity while also holding a variety of other objects which together accentuate the attraction quotient of the museum manifold.

It houses the Tower of Lavello:
The Tower of Lavello makes Tuscania that much more irresistible to viewers since it is unique in design and also has a lot which visitors can make themselves privy to, over the course of their visit to Tuscania.

It contains the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore:
One of the most beautiful churches that you are likely to come across in this part of Italy, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore is clearly a must visit while doing a tour of Tuscania. One of its biggest attractions is the three finely decorated portals which adorn the frontal facade. Moreover, the entrance has immaculate free standing columns which are reminiscent of structures in Jerusalem such as the Temple of Solomon.

Its proximity to Rome:
A final reason for which we highly recommend that you cannot – and should not miss Tuscania is because it is so close to Rome. And Rome is anyway a city which you will almost certainly visit on your guided tour of Italy. So why not make the most of your trip and take a Rome tour which includes going to Tuscania as well.

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