Tivoli the best Villas in The Roman Countryside

An ancient and quaint little town in Lazio, about 30 kilometres from Rome, Tivoli clearly has a charm of its own which in many ways is completely unparalleled. Thanks to its historical nature, as a visitor on your private excursion to Tivoli you will certainly find plenty that catches your eye. At the same time, it is the villas in Tivoli which will perhaps draw your attention the most, thanks to their resplendence, uniqueness and sheer beauty which most visitors find completely riveting. With that thought in mind let us look at some of the enchanting villas in Tivoli which MUST be on your “must visit” list, while in Tivoli.

Villa Gregoriana:
Commissioned by none other than Pope Gregory XVI himself, this is a sprawling park (yes, park, more than merely a villa) with beautiful paths that lead on to the Sirens as well as the caves of Neptune. In particular, on your private excursion to Tivoli do not miss The Grand Waterfall which is a major landmark of this villa.

Villa d’Este:
If you want to look at one of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture not only in Lazio but indeed the whole of Italy, look no further than Villa d’Este, especially with its sprawling Italian Renaissance Garden. On your private excursion to Tivoli you will enjoy the view of Villa d’Este very much, thanks to its expansive structure, coupled with the numerous attractions which come amidst the garden, be it The Rometta Fountain or The Fontana dell’Ovato (Oval Fountain). The frescos on the ceilings of the villa are a visual treat in themselves as well.

Villa Adriana:
Villa Adriana is also referred to as Hadrian’s Villa, since it was especially built to serve as a retreat for Roman Emperor Hadrian from the hustle and bustle as well as the roles and responsibilities which came with managing Rome. This is a villa where over the course of your private excursion to Tivoli you will find that there are as many as 30 different buildings over a large and expansive area of at least 1 square kilometer.
An aspect about Villa Adriana which catches the eye of most visitors on their private excursion to Tivoli is the extent to which numerous architectural styles have been combined together, especially Egyptian and Greek, which was particularly a result of Hadrian’s travel to these parts. These are 3 villas we have listed here; of course watch out for more villas in Tivoli when you are there!

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