The Best Food in Assisi

Assisi in Perugia, Umbria is clearly known for landmark churches, especially the Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi, a World Heritage Site, given the fact that Assisi is in fact the birthplace of St. Francis but in spite of all the historic attractions which dot the landscape of this magnificent town which was ravaged by two devastating earthquakes in 1997, it is food which remains a prime draw here. Keeping that spirit in mind, let us look at the best foods in Assisi which you can relish while you are visiting.

Pizza, the Italian staple, is something which you can particularly cherish while on your guided tour of Assisi. Remember that specific to Assisi, there is plentiful variety on offer with regard to the pizzas which are available here, with the pizzerias here leaving no stone unturned to ensure that they offer nothing but the best pizzas. We particularly recommend going to Finnegans Pub in front of Piazza Matteoti where you can enjoy an awesome variety of delicious pizzas at really affordable prices. Pizza is definitely one of the best foods in Assisi!

Coffee is again something which you can enjoy across Italy and Assisi is no different. Here in this relatively small and quaint little town, you can easily enjoy an exotic variety of coffees which come with quite an affordable price tag. We suggest heading to Il Baccanale at Assisi Centre where you will relish some really exotic coffee along with numerous kinds of preserves and sweets.

Cheese is again something which Italy is well known for; Assisi prides itself in the fantastic variety of cheese which it has on offer across its numerous eateries. Specific to Assisi and the eateries there, we would recommend going to Terra Umbra where you can try out an exotic variety of cheeses and also pick up ones you like, say for your picnic outing on your tour of Assisi.

Can wine ever be left out when it comes to foods in Italy. Certainly not and Assisi is no exception at all. Here we present not only the best foods in Assisi, but also the best Wines! We recommend going to the Sportoletti winery where you can not only see and taste some really ravishing varieties of wines, you can also purchase the ones which you find endearing the most. Clearly, when it comes to foods in general, there is simply no way that Assisi will disappoint you in any way!

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