Lazio Best Wines

As you go along your Rome tour you will find that the entire region of Lazio – within which Rome lies, is famed for the ample selection of wines that it offers. In fact world over, Lazio is renowned for the top quality wines that it produces which sommeliers from across the globe cherish with so much fanfare. With that spirit in mind (somewhat literally!!), in this article we will look at some of the best wines that Lazio has to offer. Bear in mind that Lazio produces hundreds of different wines so it would not be possible to touch upon all of them. Yet we will cover what we think are Lazio’s best wines which you can particularly relish or take home with you after your private tour of Rome. First up, you will note on your private tour Rome that there are as many as 200 different varieties of grapes which are grown in Lazio. Naturally this straightaway leads to a truly captivating range of wines which are produced here. Between red and white wine, you will find that there is ample variety available in both although Lazio clearly scores higher when it comes to white wine rather than red wine.

Frascati Wine:
So kick starting proceedings on your tour to Rome we would first look at Frascati wine which is particularly renowned in Lazio. This is white wine which is made from grapes grown around the town of Frascati (which is how it gets its name) although grapes from nearby towns like Monte Porzio Catone and Grottaferrata are also used. The wines themselves can range in variety such as Cannellino, Superior, Normal, Spumanti and new varieties. With a light tinge of yellow, this is one wine which you would definitely not want to miss at any cost.

Cesanese del Piglio Wine:
Perhaps even more renowned than Frascati wine is Cesanese del Piglio wine, produced from Cesanese del Piglio grapes. These grapes grow in Lazio towns such as Acuto, Anagnani, Paliano, Serrone, as well as Piglio to name a few. As a connoisseur of Cesanese del Piglio wine, you will particularly enjoy the variety of tastes which come with these wines, be it sweet or bitter, fruity or dry and so on. In fact, as you go along your guided tour of Rome you will find that there are wines with hints or flavours of exotic varieties such as tobacco or blueberry. This kind of an enigmatic touch lends Cesanese del Piglio wines to be an excellent match for foods such as various kinds of meats and cheeses. So as we mentioned, there are many varieties of wines in Lazio awaiting you!

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