Interesting Facts About Pompei History

Pompei on the Italian Amalfi Coast is of course very well known to visitors. Yet there are quite a few interesting facts about Pompei’s history which are not commonly known to a lot of people out there. Now, before you really embark on Pompei tours from Sorrento it might be worth your while to actually know about Pompei a little bit better! So let us see how many of the aspects about Pompei as mentioned below, you really knew about. Even the ancient Romans were unaware of Mount Vesuvius being a volcanic mountain. On Amalfi Coast Pompeii tours It is interesting to note that while the ancient city of Pompeii was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, till then even the Romans here were not quite aware of the fact that the mountain was in fact volcanic in nature; they assumed it to be simply a plain mountain like any other.

Prostitution was rampant in historic Pompeii:
Your Vesuvio tour will tell you that the ancient city of Pompeii had a flourishing flesh trade in place with a brothel called the Lupanare being one of the most characteristic trademarks of such an existence. It is considered that with most Pompeii residents being Pagans, pleasure was central to them!

The Amphitheatre of Pompeii is the oldest of its kind:
While Italy alone is privy to numerous amphitheatres dotting its landscape, it is true that when it comes to the one in ancient Pompeii, it is the oldest stone building of its kind known to mankind, dating back to 80 BC. This is certainly one of the interesting facts about Pompei’s you should know! Even we have no clue about the owner of the Villa of the Mysteries! OK, this is one thing about Pompei we too aren’t quite sure of! There is speculation that the Villa of the Mysteries might have been owned by Livia, wife of Emperor Augustus but this is something which cannot be established with authenticity. In fact the name of this ancient villa comes not only from the mysticism surrounding its ownership but also around the meaning of frescoes contained within it which also remains unknown. The last one of interesting facts about Pompei…it had its own fish sauce called Garum. Ancient Pompeii was particularly well known for producing its own fish sauce outside of town called Garum, referred to by none other than Pliny the Elder himself. After reading all these interesting facts about Pompei, are you interested in visiting it? For a FREE quote on your customized Amalfi Coast tour simply fill up the form below and we will take care of the rest!