Classic Rome The Fori Imperiali

Welcome to the hearth of Rome! Here, the Fori Imperiali were the center of  life in ancient Rome in the age of the Emperors. The Fori are a number of squares and one of the biggest archaeological sites in the world.
The first square built was Cesar’s one, in 46 b.C., probably ended by Augusto. In 2 b.C was built the Augusto’s forum, in honor of the god Mars. During Vespasiano’s empire, in 75 a.C. was built the Peace templum and in 96 a.C. the Nerva’s forum, during Domiziano’s empire. The last was the Traiano’s forum, built in 112 a.C.
The Traiano’s forum is the home of the Fori Imperiali Museum, showing the ancient architecture with about 40.000 relics and the models of reconstructions of buildings in the area. The museum has now open some exhibitions like the LelioSwing and from Oreste Baldini, and organises many cultural events for children and students. The street that connects the forum is the Fori Imperiali street, ending at the Colosseum, the biggest amphitheater in the world, built in the 1°st century a.C by the emperors Vespasian and Titus. Inside the Colosseum, it’s possible to visit Eros’s museum and, from 2010, also the subterranean area with the network of passageways used in the past to transport gladiators and beasts to the arena.

Near the Colosseum, in the Oppio hill, it is possible to see the Domus Aurea, built by Nerone after the great fire that destroyed a big part of Rome in 64 a.C. The Domus Area had been forgotten until the year 1400, when a boy fell into a hole and discovered a strange cave full of frescoes. The people started to visit the cave, among the others artist like Raffaello, Michelangelo and Pinturicchio were inspired from that strange frescoes!
One side of the Fori Imperiali street was recently close to allow the people and the tourist in Rome to visit the archeological area, walking on the same places where Cesar, Octavian and the Roman’s emperor walked and breathing the history of this wonderful city.
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