Ancient Ostia Tour

Duration: 3-6 hrs.
Location: Walk through the decumanus maximus; Excavations with roads, temples, mosaics, warehouses and ruins.

When you are in Rome for a vacation and you wish to experience the beauty of the Roman countryside, a Private Excursion of Ancient Ostia is a MUST DO! This tour will take you through 2 millenniums of uncontaminated history. The ancient promenade across what was once called The Little Pompeii is a continuous discovery of Roman houses, offices and entertainment buildings. You will, in fact, walk through the decumanus maximus which constitutes the continuation of the ancient Via Ostiense connecting from Porta Romana to Porta Pia. Ruins still show the grandeur of the Empire, being a major military, naval and commercial center after Emperors constructed an artificial seaports. The main attractions in Ancient Ostia are the excavations where you can see roads, temples, mosaics, warehouses and ruins of an ancient roman city, and still the magnificent castle of Pope Julius II and the little medieval hamlet built around it.You will also discover the Augustus Theatre with the Corporazioni Square sitting behind it. This is a large square once dedicated to Cerere a goddess of abundance and prosperity. You will discover these and many other world renown beauties with All Around Italy. Don’t hesitate, contact us now to get a personalized quote based on all the features you wish to add to this tour.