Tour to Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio

Duration: 9 hrs
Location: Orvieto & Civita di Bagnoregio

Amidst any of your numerous private tours of Rome, as you get a little adventurous and head further outside of the entire Greater Rome Area, place which you would simply not want to miss visiting would be Orvieto, a quaint Umbrian city in the Province of Terni as well as Civita Di Bagnoregio, a historical Viterbo town.

Full to the brim with history and culture, there is a very wide variety of sights which you will get to see and experience firsthand while on your guided tour of Rome. For instance, you will see that first up the very location of the city is itself so intense, with straight faced cliffs intertwined with huge protective walls.

Additionally the legacy of Papal Residences in Orvieto is grandiose in itself, given the fact that outside of Rome, only Orvieto and Viterbo ever had Papal palaces. So the legacy of the Pope and his connection to Orvieto itself makes a compelling case for visiting the city.

The location of the town – atop a plateau that overlooks the entire Tiber river valley itself renders a tour of Civita Di Bagnoregio completely obligatory. Moreover, clearly the historical architecture of the entire town, spanning several centuries is unique and of unparalleled quality which certainly deems a visit to Civita Di Bagnoregio quintessential.

Amidst either of these tours, whether we are referring to a tour of Terni or a tour of Viterbo you will find that every aspect of the trip would be absolutely memorable. For instance, there is a wide range of cuisine to relish on these trips. Further, given the fact that both Orvieto and Civita Di Bagnoregio are at a reasonable distance from Rome proper, there is immense scenic beauty to view all along the way.

Therefore against such a backdrop it becomes amply clear that if you are on the lookout for private tours in Rome which take you a little away from the city and yet have so much to offer, then look no further than a tour of Orvieto or a tour of Civita Di Bagnoregio. Either way it is assured that you will enjoy these tours through and through!

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After the pick up , you are driven through the Roman country side, Etruscan lands and finally Umbria to reach the hill-town of Orvieto where you can admire its wonderful Romanic Duomo style and some decoration by Luca Signorelli, that influenced Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel.

Also in Orvieto you can have an unforgettable tour “Orvieto Underground”, to see the underground city created by former inhabitants about 2700 years ago Along the way to Orvieto a little stop to admire The Abbey of Saints Severus, commonly referred to as “The Abbey La Badia”. Its impressive size is enjoyed by various panoramic views of Orvieto.

Day tour also includes the ancient Etruscan town of “Balneum Regis” or Civita di Bagnoregio The Hill town is famous to be on top a plateau of volcanic friable tufa stone called Calanchi in constant falling down the valley, but do not worry since 2003 the project to reinforce the plateau is still working to prevent further falling off.

The Professor Zarina from Washington University of the department of urban planning, at the end of the ’60s along with her husband Tony Costa Heywood collaborated on the restoration of many buildings in Civita di Bagnoregio
These buildings became the center for the Program for the Study of Hilly Etruscan town of Tuscia University of Washington.
A picturesque scene and typical of the Tuscia region.
Shore excursion is of 9 hour from pick up to drop off your Ship

P.S. The price of day tour, shore excursion or transfer includes the cost of the private vehicle, driver, gas, road tolls, parking fees and taxes It does not includes entrance fees to sites, private guides for museums or archaeological sites or walking tours, the cost of lunch, gratuity for your driver and for the guide. The tour sequence may be changed due to clients need, local problem or traffic problem, always covering the sights mentioned with tour description and time frame. Your driving guide assist you for the location to see, but he does not enter the sites with you. It does not includes entrance fees to sites, private guides for museums or archaeological sites, the cost of lunch or a gratuity for your driver and guide.