Private Excursion to Tivoli

Features: English Speaking Driver, Private Guided Excursion
Pick Up Locations: Civitavecchia Sea Port, Hotel, Rome Airports.
Tour Duration: 3 – 6hrs

The Private Excursion to Tivoli is one of the most classical excursions in the so called Roman countryside. The excursion will take you through Villa Adriana, Villa D’Este and Villa Gregoriana. Villa Adriana was built under the project of the Emperor Adrian. We will tour important ruins of the Roman Golden age like baths, libraries, maritime theatres and museums. The tour continues to Villa d’Este. After a 10 minutes drive we reach the town of Tivoli where you can admire another beatiful medieval castel built by the Popes. Villa D’Este is an example of Renaissance buildings and gardens. Built by Cardinal Ippolito, the Villa has apartments, rooms, and several gardens. The gardens, among the greatest in the country, have a grandiose green impact that will delight your eyes. Water and fountains are incredibly organized to show the ability of master architects of the time. At a certain time of the day the Fountain of the Owl and the Fountain of the Organ will attract you with sounds of flute, ocarina and organ play like a concert.