Positano Best Local Foods

Given Positano’s exotic location atop an Amalfi Coast enclave in Campania, there is clearly a lot which is to be partaken as a visitor on your private excursion of Positano. That said, perhaps the best indulgence would be food right…after all, that is something which Italy as a whole is particularly well known for. Accordingly, in this article, let us look at Positano’s best local foods.

Well pizza is staple in Italy and Positano is really no different at all. We recommend heading to Da Costantino where you can get to enjoy some really delicious pizzas at affordable prices.

Local Bolognese is just as popular in Positano as it is in other parts of Italy. For the best Bolognese, head to Grottino Azzurro a quaint little eatery on Via Guglielmo Marconi owned by an old Italian couple serving some really delicious Italian food for a very long time!

Seafood is particularly popular – thanks in particular to its easy availability in this part of the country. Here you can especially enjoy a variety of seafood, particularly fish, all freshly caught and prepared in the authentic, local Italian style. For seafood, Da Vincenzo is an outlet that we specially recommend – one which we are very sure will delight you completely with its range of seafood!

Tempura is another one of Positano’s best local foods . While here on your private excursion to Positano or maybe even on any of the plentiful Pompei tours from Sorrento make sure that you relish the tempura on offer in Positano which includes both vegetable and fish versions. We recommend going to Next2 on Viale Pasitea where you will particularly enjoy some really nice tempura. Wine to accompany Positano’s best local foods. We cannot leave wine behind while talking about Positano’s best local foods, can we, that too when we are talking about a very popular place on the famed Amalfi Coast? For wine, we would not necessarily recommend one particular place as such since there are plenty of places all over Positano all of which offer excellent wine. So do not hesitate to experiment – try out wines at any of these places including the ones mentioned above, for some really fantastic wine. The above are only some of the Positano’s best local foods; rest assured, you will find plenty of other food options as well, while on your private excursion. For a FREE quote on your customized private excursion of Pompei, Sorrento and Positano simply fill up the form below and we will take care of the rest!