Nobility in Ceri

Ceri, a small Lazio town which has functioned as a frazione within the comune of Cerveteri clearly has an unmistakable air of royalty and nobility around it. This is something which we are very sure you will feel for yourself when you go visiting Ceri on your private tour of Rome. The first thing which strikes visitors about Ceri is its location atop a fortified plateau at a short distance from Cerveteri city. This by itself gives Ceri a clear impression of nobility which stands apart – and atop others. Further, additional relics of the past further substantiate as well as accentuate the noble nature of the town, in the form of tombs from an era long gone which belong to both the Romans as well as the Etruscans. These tombs in themselves are a visual treat given their historical nature and significance, belonging to an era which is long past us now.

The nobility factor of Ceri gets augmented by the fact that there are numerous big names or families which have been residents of the town for centuries, including the Anguillaras, the Borromeos, the Odescalchis, and finally the Tornolias, with the latter still being major property owners in Ceri. While on this undeniably noble tour of Cerveteri, Bracciano and Ceri a sight that you will particularly enjoy seeing would be the Romanesque Church of the Madonna di Ceri which stands proudly on a site where the Goddess Vesta was venerated by both the Romans as well as the Etruscans. Within this expansive church you will note frescoes from the past which were in fact discovered quite recently during restoration work. Overall, we at All Around Italy simply feel that when it comes to Ceri, this is a guided tour which you must not miss at any cost. Remember that the distance that you would be covering from the city of Rome would not be much and at the same time there is so much that you would be seeing. So make sure that you make the most of your time here; the nobility effect is clearly there for one and all to feel for themselves! Everything else, we will take care of to make sure that you have a really pleasant journey as well as a visit to Ceri. For a FREE quote on your customized private tour of Cerveteri, Bracciano and Ceri simply fill up the form below and we will take care of the rest.