Assisi and Ovieto

Features: English Speaking Driver, Private Guided Excursion.
Pick Up Locations: Excursions from Rome.

After a short panoramic drive in the north direction of Rome, we can take A1 a fast high way or driving along the more panoramic coastal Aurelian road, we reach Orvieto, the beautiful medieval town famous for its Cathedral, a Gotic-Romanic style considered one of the most beautiful Medieval Church in Italy, the work started in 1290, as the original project in Romanic style but after the first architects changed, The Duomo was completed as a perfect example of Gothic. The Pope Urban IV commissioned the Cathedral to celebrate the Miracle of Bolsena in 1263. Great artists worked to have this fantastic Church complete up to the last as Emilio Greco work added in the 60s.

Inside you can admire the frescoed Chapel of S. Brizio by Luca Signorelli “Last Judgment “ a work that inspired Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel wall in the Vatican. Also in the Duomo is visible the “ Cappella del Corporale “ which houses the blood-stained altar linen from the church of S. Cristina of Bolsena, related with the famous miracle.

The day tour continue by visiting Umbria, rich in vineyards, olive groves and villages on hilltops. The route is full of fascinating medieval city. Along the way to Assisi you can see the lake of Corbara, artificial origin formed with the hydroelectric dike, built in the 60’s on the river Tiber.

Just along the State Route 448 we can see this artificial lake stretching into a deep and narrow gorge that penetrates near to Todi. Near the lake is possible to stop by a ‘Temple’ of Umbrian cuisine and prestigious wineries in Umbria Region . After a while we can stop to see Todi a gem of Medieval time up on a hill.

Finally we arrive in the most famous Assisi, the mystic town of Saint Francis.

The city still surrounded by ancient walls, is built on the green slopes of Mount Subasio as a spot with its colorful houses of pink stone, narrow streets, the palaces. Visiting the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli with ceiling painted in fresco style by ‘The Nazareni’, you can see the ‘Chapel of transit’, the little church where S. Francesco die and the Garden of roses.
The mighty Basilica of S. Francesco stand up the hill with its masterpieces by Giotto and Cimabue, The first Italian painters that renovated the Italian style. A stop for a genuine lunch in a typical restaurant or for local panino (toast stuffed with local delicatess). Day tour is of about 10hour from pick up to drop off at your Hotel.